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Nursing home dentistry is one of the most pressing obstacles for a dentist to overcome. Many have the desire to help, but find it difficult to branch out while managing their full-time practice. OneCare Dental Solutions was started to help bring balance for dentist with the desire to service Nursing homes in Tennessee.  OneCare Dental Solutions handles the business side of their nursing home dental practice, allowing them to focus on what matters most, the patients.

On-Site Dentistry

It is no secret that nursing homes have major disadvantages when it comes to dental care. If a patient needs to see a dentist, the nursing home has to go through extensive steps just to get the patient to the dentist. Finding a dentist that will take Medicaid is a headache. Then, transporting patients to the dentist is even more frustrating.Facilities often have to transport the patient by ambulance or hire a transport service. This is costlly and time consuming. There is a simple and cost effective answer to this problem. Bring the dentist to the patient.

Through on-site dentistry, all patients get the chance for dental care. OneCare Dental Solutions provide a quality experience, because all patients deserve great dental care.

All Patients Get Care

In the past, less fortunate patients with no money or family members to pay for dental services were denied. If you wanted this person to receive dental care the facility had to pay the bill. OneCareDental Solutions wants everyone to get the dental care that they deserve. Why should a person be denied care because of a lack of money? The answer, they shouldn't! If a patient is a zero-liablility patient, they will get the same care as everyone else.

A better solution to mobile dentistry

While mobile dentistry is an effective alternative for patients who are able to visit the mobile provider, there is now a better solution - In-House Dentistry.

All patients, even those who are bedridden, can now receive full dental services through the use of OneCare Dental Solutions portable equipment. On-Site Dentistry allows patients to receive state-of-the-art dental care without ever leaving their nursing care facility.

Nomad X-Ray System

The Nomad X-Ray System is the most advanced intraoral x-ray system on the market today. No other x-ray system compares to the Nomad, which does the work of multiple conventional systems. If a patient is bedridden, the Nomad can by used at bedside.

The Nomad was built with special needs individuals in mind. This is truly the only way to offer dental x-rays to all nursing home patients.

Weathering the odds

Weather has always played an adverse role when it comes to patient care in mobile dentistry. Unpredictable weather problems such as extreme temperatures, rain, or snow can limit a patients access to the mobile provider. With on-site dentistry, patients never have to leave the comfort of the nursing home or risk being exposed to the weather conditions that can increase the chances of illnesses. The patients can stay in the facility and never have to "weather the odds."


Benefits of OneCare Dental Solutions

On behalf of the administrator, residents, and staff at Mission Convalescent Home, we are greatly appreciative of the dental services that you have provided.

Let's not forget about the number of emergency visits that you have made as well. We are proud to have such a dedicated and trustworthy team working with our residents.
- Duane Cherry, Administrator

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  • "God has blessed us with ability to help others. That is why we started OneCare Dental Solutions. To make a difference!"