Overview of Equipment

Dr. G.V. Black Father of Scientific Dentistry
1835 - 1915


Modern Dentistry has come a long way since the era of Dr. G.V. Black, who is known as the "Father of Modern American Dentistry." With advancement in dental and sterilization equipment, Dentistry can be performed more effectively and sanitary. Our state of the art Dental and Sterilization equipment provide our nursing home patients the dental care they deserve. A person should not be limited because of age or disability.




Our Equipment:

Statim 2000 Autoclave - sterilization device | learn more

Nomad X-ray System - handheld X-ray | learn more

Kodak Digital X-ray System - portable X-ray | learn more





On behalf of the administrator, residents, and staff at Mission Convalescent Home, we are greatly appreciative of the dental services that you have provided.

Let's not forget about the number of emergency visits that you have made as well. We are proud to have such a dedicated and trustworthy team working with our residents.
- Duane Cherry, Administrator

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Why we do it...

  • "God has blessed us with ability to help others. That is why we started OneCare Dental Solutions. To make a difference!"