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Tri-Cities Area

Brookhaven   Teresa Phelps   423-246-8984   Kingsport  

East TN Area

Serene Manor   Peggy Sue Wyrick(SW)   865-523-9171   Knoxville  
Beverly Park Place   Joy Harris (SW)   865-687-1321   Knoxville  

Middle TN Area

Humphreys Co. Nursing Home   Kathy Hayes (SSD)   931-296-2532   Waverly  
NHC Dickson   Angie Matlock   615-446-8046   Dickson  
NHC Springfield   Joe Garst (Admin)   615-384-8453   Springfield  

West TN Area

Paris Health Care   Paula Poole (SSD)   731-642-2535   Paris  
Mission Convalescent   Camilla Curry (SSD)   731-424-2951   Jackson  
Maplewood   Bob Herring (Admin)   731-668-1900   Jackson  


On behalf of the administrator, residents, and staff at Mission Convalescent Home, we are greatly appreciative of the dental services that you have provided.

Let's not forget about the number of emergency visits that you have made as well. We are proud to have such a dedicated and trustworthy team working with our residents.
- Duane Cherry, Administrator

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